Date posted: 28/Dec/23

Viet Phat Construction and Services Trading Company Limited is known as a reputable enterprise in the field of construction in Ha Nam province, not only focusing on the construction of quality projects, but Viet Phat also places importance on focus on sports and team spirit. Viet Phat believes that good spirit and health are important factors to create an effective and creative working environment.

One of the ways that Viet Phat demonstrates its emphasis on sportsmanship is through the establishment of the company’s Badminton Club. Viet Phat Badminton Club is not only a place where employees can exercise, but also a place to build solidarity and create a sociable, friendly, and interactive environment among members in the company.

Viet Phat’s badminton team is not only formed from employees within the company, but also welcomes participation from players outside the company. This creates a spirit of cooperation and exchange of experiences between people with the same passion and determination to excel in the sport of badminton.

Viet Phat Company’s sports spirit is not only a part of the organizational culture but also a source of encouragement for employees to achieve success together. Viet Phat understands that sportsmanship is the key to building a team of employees who are strong, dynamic and ready to face challenges.

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