Use environmentally friendly precast concrete

Monday - 04/03/2019 06:37
Emissions and toxic waste water from mixing and casting concrete at factory, construction works are always a concern in Vietnam.However, by applying new technologies, using materials that are no strange such as precast concrete will partly overcome this situation.
Use environmentally friendly precast concrete
With construction scale as in residential buildings in Vietnam, many places are still used to using concrete and mixing with quite a manual process while losing time requires the use of many workers. Moreover, this method also brings quite a lot of quality risks such as incorrect mixing ratio, at the same time polluting the air environment and affecting the health of the people in the area. Precast concrete slabs are manufactured at factories then transported to construction sites, these concrete layers are covered with lightweight fillers such as foam insulation. Some other concrete blocks are made entirely of concrete but have large hollow chambers inside. Precast concrete slabs are often used for walls, facades because of weather resistance. Precast concrete has high flexibility and can be used in addition to any construction project from small houses to commercial buildings. Compared to conventional concrete, using precast concrete saves more material, fights fire, soaks up water. Precast concrete slabs with stable coefficients are even higher than traditional concrete because the production and assembly of these panels often requires less energy. Using normal concrete or having degraded condition over time but precast concrete is always superior because of its high durability. Precast concrete slabs can be mass produced with different shapes, sizes and designs, easy to disassemble, move or help fast construction works, low waste, noise during construction and long life. Precast concrete has the advantage of not emitting toxic substances to soil, water, or air over time. Each precast slab is created by casting concrete into the mold under monitoring conditions, ensuring accurate results in each casting. Since there is no disturbance by environmental factors, when the concrete settles, there is no risk of being affected by small holes. Environmentally friendly precast concrete also because of the ability to re-absorb carbon up to 40% during the life of the structure. In the final life cycle, precast concrete can be completely recycled, the stability of precast concrete throughout the life cycle provides a fresh, smokeless and chemical environment. Many of Hanoi's routes also use this type of material because it has efficient drainage. At the same time, due to fast construction time and not obstructing traffic, it helps reduce costs, improve aesthetics, increase life expectancy, avoid slippery, make pedestrians safer. With high durability, material saving, production cost, flexible, environmentally friendly application, precast concrete is the choice for many construction projects in Vietnam.

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