Skyscraper - the inevitable solution of modern urban space

Monday - 04/03/2019 18:35
Buildings and high-rise buildings are now pride in Singapore, Hong Kong, etc., in Vietnam, it is considered to be the cause of traffic jams, flooding ... But the reality shows that if the population is moved from low houses floor up high-rise buildings, the remaining area for school, park, green utilities or road construction ... is the optimal solution.
Skyscraper - the inevitable solution of modern urban space
  At the international conference "Organization of landscape architecture space with urban infrastructure systems in major cities in Vietnam" took place in the morning of June 5, many ideas were raised about the high-rise buildings are working. how to move to urban infrastructure.
The seminar brought together dozens of foreign experts from many countries and territories such as the United States and the United Kingdom; Spain; Singapore; Hongkong; Korea and many prestigious Vietnamese experts.
Mr. Tran Ngoc Chinh, Chairman of Vietnam Urban Development Association, said that the workshop topic has been reported and directed by the Prime Minister. "After the seminar, we will gather opinions to report to the Prime Minister," Mr Chinh said.
The answer of many planning experts, architects, is that high-rise buildings are an indispensable factor to build modern cities and smart cities of the world, but the problem is to develop buildings with coupled with infrastructure development or not is the story to discuss.
  High-rise buildings bring better living space
  According to Architect Nguyen Do Dung, the issue of building buildings is not synonymous with high population density. He affirmed that townhouses and low-rise houses close to large urban areas like Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City are occupying most of the area, density is not low, there is no place to build roads and parks. , amusement parks…
To prove that, KTS Dung gave a very specific example, with the same land area of ​​about 1ha, if building low-rise houses close to the average area of ​​80m2, construction density accounts for about 80% of the area Soils, we have about 100 houses. Assuming an average household has 4 people on average, this land has a population density of about 400 people / ha.
 However, if building a high-rise building for 400 people on this 1 hectare plot, only a 25-storey apartment building is needed, and only occupies an area of ​​about 1,150m2, equivalent to more than 10% of the land area. Each apartment has an area of ​​200m2 for a household instead of a low floor of 80m2. The remaining area of ​​land to more than 9,000m2 of land, we will spend to expand roads, design landscape gardens, car parks, and other utilities ...
    From this example, it is clear that high-rise buildings provide better living space than low-rise houses, solving the current urban problems.
In fact, experts pointed out that in big cities in Vietnam, the situation of urban development associated with infrastructure development is problematic, this is the key to causing the sore problems of traffic congestion, flooding. Bad, ... not by buildings. At the seminar, many experts in the industry said that developing high-rise buildings is an inevitable trend of modern urban areas, buildings have no errors in causing traffic jams. flooding ... the lack of infrastructure connected with new urban development is the key to this problem.
High or low floor - let the market decide
Assoc. Dr. Nguyen Hong Tien - Former Director of Department of Technical Infrastructure - Ministry of Construction, raised the issue that the whole society is interested in the issue of traffic buildings. Is that so?
He affirmed that high-rise buildings are contributing significantly to the face of urban landscape, changing the urban appearance, even changing people's awareness, etc. The problem here is that we have plans. , there are also regulations on density, land use plans ... but whether we comply with planning or not is another matter. He said that if we follow the plan, this situation is unlikely to happen, but the problem here is that the management is not good, not the building has errors.
   In fact, many experts have pointed out this situation from two sample urban areas that were recognized in the past as the new urban area of ​​Linh Dam (Hanoi) and the new Phu My Hung urban area (HCMC). Until now, the reality of infrastructure in these two urban areas is completely opposite. At Linh Dam, we have seen the overload of infrastructure and in Phu My Hung is still its proper model city. According to experts, the difference is that Phu My Hung has not adjusted the plan so far, whereas Linh Dam is the opposite.
Therefore, according to Assoc. Dr. Nguyen Hong Tien, in order to develop urban buildings, we have to evaluate and review, especially in the inner city, need to develop buildings in parallel with the surrounding infrastructure.
Concurrent with the experts, Mr. Tran Ngoc Chinh - Chairman of Vietnam Urban Development Association, agrees that high-rise buildings have no errors, but the problem here is that we do not have synchronization on infrastructure. . Currently, Hanoi is still on motorbikes and cars ... there are 5 million motorbikes and more than 500,000 cars in circulation, while the metro line system is not yet available, Hanoi should have metro for 10 years. before.
Pointing out this inadequacy, architect Nguyen Do Dung said that this is a confusing story in Vietnam. For example, there is a project located far away from the station and public transit stations, away from the big road, which is very large and unreasonably built, while there are projects close to the station that do not make use of That connection does not increase the population density. It is an absurdity that hinders our sustainable urban development.
Therefore, the problem here needs to be discussed, that is not the story of building a high or a low house but a plan that is in sync. And with that density, what kind of people are built, let the market decide.


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